I am excited to launch the First Edition of The #Mamacita® Planner. Although I love this tool that would align with my teaching of "pursuing your purpose," I knew this planner would be a work of love and passion! I am so glad I did this with God's mighty hand, my family's loving support, and your kind love! 


My goal with the release of The #Mamacita® planner was to create a tool and resources to equip women to discover and intentionally plan their purpose on this side of Heaven! 


My labor in creating this incredible planner comes from my passion for leading women in finding their God-given calling! In the Kingdom of God, we all have a purpose, and I want you to pour your goals, passions, dreams, and vision into these pages and begin to make THINGS HAPPEN for yourself and your family! 


And to help you even more, I've added a few additional quarterly check-in tools to help support you.


This #Mamacita® Planner is for the woman ready to discover her purpose and pursue that VISION! 


In this edition, you will note: 


Colorful pages to help you stay focused and excited to conquer your vision.


An excellent sturdy back cover 


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Thick pure white paper


Undated Monthly/Weekly Planner


Yearly and quarterly goal refinement sheets


Simple color throughout


Cover: 8.5 X11


Seasonal Checklists


Poly Plastic Cover


Note Sections throughout


12 blank monthly calendars 


Sturdy binding & excellent back cover support


61 blank weekly planning pages 


Pages: 123


& More creative sheets for you to clear the clutter every month and focus on your VISION!


Content that helps you merge your daily life and your goals easily every week! 


"...It will surely happen!" Habakkuk 2:2-3 (ESV) 


Every month you will focus on His Word, write prayer requests, review and set goals (Habakkuk 2:2-3), and be encouraged by the wisdom of other believers in the bottom sections. Every week you will feel prepared as you organize and schedule the things that bring you closer to your vision and purpose. Don't forget to add your #Mamacita® Inner Circle live shows and teachings and your 1-on-1 mentoring dates! I believe for you that every day is a transformation to a more joyful, kind, faith-filled you!


Let's do this, girlfriend! 

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